CBD Oil Vs Hemp Oil : What’s the Difference?

The Differences Between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil
There are many differences between CBD and hemp oil in terms of which part of the plant each comes from as well as how they’re both used. Hemp oil is made out of seeds and used in lotions, soaps, and as a protein supplement. CBD oil is made out of leaves and plant flowers and is used primarily for medicinal purposes including treating inflammation.


Anyone can become confused about the different varieties of marijuana products that are out there including tinctures, lotions, and oils. The next few paragraphs will break down hemp and CBD oils including how they’re used and where they both come from.

Hemp Oil Facts


As stated above, hemp oil is taken from hemp seeds. It has tiny amounts of THC (the chemical that causes a high feeling) and comes from industrial hemp. It’s not psychoactive.

Hemp oil can be used in many ways. One of the best-known ways it is used is to replace olive oil for cooking purposes. Hemp oil is an excellent source of protein and has a nutty taste that can add lots of flavor to dishes.

Hemp oil has also been known to be used as a lotion to hydrate a person’s skin. It can be used to make soap as hemp oil has natural moisturizers in it. Some even think that It can help reverse skin aging and treat atopic dermatitis.

CBD Facts


Cannabidiol (CBD) is taken out of the leaves and flower of a hemp plant. The non-psychoactive chemical is naturally found in marijuana.

CBD is mostly used for medicinal purposes. Athletes use it to decrease inflammation and to manage pain. A medicine has been approved by the FDA to treat certain cases of epilepsy.

As more new medical discoveries are being made, CBD use is expanding. CBD oils are being used to alleviate stress and treat depression. Pet owners have used CBD to decrease stress in their pets as well. Cancer patients use CBD and marijuana to increase appetite and lessen nausea before they undergo chemotherapy.


While CBD and hemp oil both have important uses, they differ greatly when it comes to how they’re used and where they’re from. It’s important that you learn about each of them before you make your purchase. A simple internet search can help you answer a lot of your questions about these two vastly different oils.

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